Floral Print Dress: Spring-Summer 2024

A floral print is the easiest way to create a romantic look. And if you choose a dress with this particular print, then you already have an almost completed look. We suggest considering the most popular options and stylish ways to compile the looks with floral dresses to make each of them luxurious.

Maxi dress with thin straps

Trendy spaghetti strap dresses are an option to emphasize the tenderness and fragility of a woman’s body. It is also worth paying attention to the model of a fitted silhouette in order to further accentuate the advantages of the body shape. If you want to emphasize the romantic style, then combine the dress with the heels. To add an interesting stylistic touch to your look, put a masculine-style jacket over this dress. A leather jacket is also suitable as an alternative option to make you feel warmer.

Shirt dress with pockets

A dress with floral print can be casual as well. If you want to compile a casual look, simply choose a shirt dress with pockets. Such models will look great with sneakers, as well as with heels. If you choose a fitted silhouette, the dress will have a more feminine accent. And if you opt for a straight model, then this is a timeless classic. Since the dress is fastened with buttons, it can also be an excellent backdrop for fashion experiments. For example, you can wear T-shirts or tank tops in a contrasting color underneath to create interesting layered looks. Also, such a dress can play the role of outerwear. Try pairing it with jeans, a T-shirt and just throwing this dress over.

Mini dress with deep neckline

In the summer, models with floral prints play especially brightly in the looks. To attract even more attention to your look, choose a mini model with an accentuated neckline. This dress will definitely decorate your summer wardrobe. Despite the fact that it has a fairly noticeable design and print, such a dress can be easily combined with other wardrobe items. The mood of this dress can be supported by women’s shoes with kitten heels, or, on the contrary, it is interesting to make a contrast and wear it with sneakers or chunky shoes.

Short-sleeved midi dress

A fitted summer midi dress with a loose skirt is the simplest model with a touch of Parisian charm. This clothing item suits most body types. Thanks to the specific features of its silhouette, this dress is very comfortable even in the summer heat.

Long-sleeved dress

You should update your wardrobe with a long-sleeved mini dress to reduce the negative effects of sun for the skin, and also to pay maximum attention to your legs. Lightweight, breathable fabric with a bright print could be the main characteristic of the perfect dress for the hot season. If the task is to find a model that would provide maximum sun protection, and in general, mini is not your format, you should pay attention to a midi dress with long sleeves. As a rule, the main emphasis in such models is on the décolleté area.

The dress is a good choice for many reasons. It’s comfortable, simple and feminine. The main thing is to choose a model, which will evoke an exceptionally joyful smile when reflecting in the mirror. VOVK offers dresses in a wide variety of styles and colors. Therefore, it’s time to update your wardrobe with the new models.