Limited edition by VOVK

This evening is perfect for conversation about us, girls, about the ideal dresses and about our endless race, which has name "exclusivity". We could use some hot cocoa and irony.

Everybody knows, that exclusivity was appeared before the fashion industry. That's just how it was, all girls loves only beautiful clothes and they are ready fight for them always. And as always VOVK knows everything about the beautiful clothes.

We can't make reproduction the ideal fabric, that's why there is a limited edition in VOVK collections. It's like a love at first sight, as the wild need for speed, that's why it's impossible to resist sew the ideal clothes. You should remember, VOVK loves you, but you have no time. Because the most part of our dresses in the VOVK studios on a very limited number. VOVK. Believe, that in this wild race for the exclusivity you will be always the first with VOVK).


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