VOVK has been for a year in the sunny Сity Centre: how it was?

Every VOVK dtudio – is a long-awaited child, which is created with the love and care. And VOVK, as an ideal parent, embodies in each of them the best ideas, diligences and dreams.

Recently, one of the biggest VOVK studios has celebrated its Birthday in City Centre, in Odessa, in the centre of the familly shopping (which is symbolic).

How the standard Birthday happens?

The guests prepare, purchase the presents, inflate the balloons and get the squibs, to make a surprise to the unsuspecting birthday's girl. And please imagine it the other way around: birthday's girl prepares the pleasant surprises for her guests, meet them with the bright decorations and ballons.

Yes, VOVK loves creates a true holiday and care about its friends:) We decided to show off everybody and tell how we celebrated this Birthday in Odessa. Just imagine, everything has already prepared: the weather is super, the day is sunny and warm, all our guests are happy and with the smiles.

A year before, when we have been opening the studio, we knew everybody in Oddesa, and now all citizens are native for us. Because the elegant interior, perfect clothes style, cozy atmosphere and a big space at the same time, attract the attention and suit for the pleasant shopping.

By the way, a little bit about shopping. Traditionally, the clothes updating in the studios happens several times in a week. The new clothes have already been in the studios, and our Birthday's studio in Odessa made our guests happy by the new models. So, it's a perfect time to buy new clothes for a full look, what our lovely clients did very well.

It was very joyful and important for us to see your sincere interest and admire in your eyes, the huge brand's packages with the coats, dresses, skirts by VOVK in the hands.

We are grateful you for the sincerity, buzz and just unforgettable Birthday, which we have spent with you!

VOVK – Put on your mood!


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