How to stand out without even half trying

It's a new hype to look as the person from the subway. You can ask, who is it? It's very easy. The matter is, the fashion had been created new styles, news in beauty field for a long time, and we used to fall into it and tried to navigate to fashion direction. But times have changed, and now it's a time to blend in because it's at the peak of the popularity.

Young and independent

I have said for many times, beauty is in the simplicity, Normcore - incompletely, at your own convenience, to dress without wasting any time. It doesn't matter where have you found the clothes: have taken from the friend or have bought with the crazy discount. All sportive, carelessly, street. Only simple things inspire leggings, crop tops, baseball cap, turtleneck, hoodie, dorky jeans. Everything from the past time, the 90-th says hello again. The fashion stamps the trends quickly, and, as for me, it's too much. And the normcore it's a fashion without fashion: you put on only comfortable clothes.Isn't all stylish people have dreamed about it?

Ann Wintour, up to me

All, what used to be forbidden, have become normal. The socks with flip-tops, T-shirt up to the top, under shirt dresses, jeans with skirts... The coolest thing you create a fashion by you own, without any fashion designers and critics.

This is from where trend is originated!

Ellis Goddard, the stylist from London, was the first person, who have started to use the normcore. She has worked with the magazine: "i-D", "Clash" и "Hot & Cool". Ellis was the first who has shown maximum spending fewer efforts. Thus evidence: cheap - doesn't mean bad! And, as we look, the fashion has quickly responded. The famous brands, like Lanvin, have danced to a street pipe. If you have the doubts yet, i-Phone enters in the fight, and actually, its founder. Do you surprise? We too. Steve Jobs was a normcore sample: the black turtleneck, trainers and the original Levi’s 501.

That's, how fashion can fell down. I can't advise you this trend. You have the own style. I'll tell you one thing: you would like to be not most people, you must join normcore team.


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